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The Warrior From Siata

The Warrior From Siata will appeal to anyone who likes characters who evolve from timid to strong in the Red Sonya style, or who drool over realistic fantasy fiction.  Time travel is a backdrop that will strike the fancy of sci fi readers.  It has a strong appeal to women who relate to Shaelene at the outset and wish they could be like her at the end.  The romantic attachment is an additional attraction for women.

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Jungles don’t seem dangerous to Seattle archeologist Shaelene Willoughby as she embarks on an expedition to open a pyramid on the island of Savai’i, Western Samoa.  But when she finds a strange device deep in a cave, that all changes.  Finding herself 22,000 years in the past, she is forced to become a warrior and face cannibals, prehistoric beasts, giants, and ancient gods to earn her way back to the present.  Does she have what it takes?  Will she survive the dangers confronting her, or will she be stuck in the past forever?

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I could not put this book down I read from cover to cover! I loved all the wonderful characters and the way they where written made you truly feel all that they felt. I hope Ken Bastian puts more books out soon! I will be eagerly awaiting a new book to read from this author!


A great read. I hope the past was as written. Nicely paced with action, drama and humor. I can't wait for more adventures with Ken and his characters.


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    Ken BastianAuthor

    Long before it became a tourist destination, Ken Bastian lived among the Samoans in Savai’i and has a deep and abiding love for the Polynesian people.  It was there that he studied their legends and gained a thirst for prehistoric knowledge.  He currently lives in Idaho and continues his research of scientific discoveries as they relate to Polynesian mythology.

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    The Warrior From Siata

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